How do I use Kai Books ?
Kai Books is an eBook store & library for regional Indian Language content. You can read your favourite title on your mobile device or tablet.

How do I read a title on Kai books?
Kai Books is available on website and mobile. You can browse and view the collection in website or app. You have to Buy or Rent an eBook to read on your device through mobile app only. You will also find free eBooks to download and read for free.

Where can I find Purchased & Rented eBooks in the App?
All the purchased or rented ebooks can be found under the "My Purchased Books" or "My Rented Books" respectively in "My Books". Just Click on Download and click Read to start reading the book.

How does Purchased book work?
All the titles bought by you shall be available for you to read in the App at all time. You can read it any time and any number of times.

How does Rental work?
A title can be rented on Kai books. All rented titles will be available for you to read for a period of 20 days from the date rented. On completing 20 days, the application returns the title automatically.

I have not completed reading a rented book, what can I do?
If the title is returned before you could complete reading, you can rent it again or buy the title to complete reading.

Do I need internet connectivity to read eBooks?
You can read your purchased or rented titles offline or online, anytime, anywhere. You will need internet connectivity to download the eBooks.

Is there a return policy?
No, unfortunately we do not offer a return policy and we do not refund money.

How many eBooks can I purchase or rent?
You can purchase or rent any number for paid eBooks. You can rent only a max of 2 free titles offered for free in the application.

How to contact for help or to offer suggestion?
You are welcome to contact for help or suggest us to improve our service by writing to support@kaibooks.in